Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fascinating Knowledge: I

Cardiology Discovery

I have found many interesting studies, one so far has been on Myocardial Infarction (heart attack). A few years ago, I lost a relative to this common diagnosis. In this, the heart stops beating (due to blockage or other reasons), which causes a lack of oxygen to the brain, which in turn causes red blood cells to die ultimately ending in death. In the year he had passed, the knowledge of how to prevent red blood cells from dying in the process of a M.I. was absent. This information was found two years later in an experiment with spinal injuries. 

In this experiment, when a person was subjected to a spinal injury, the body would go under a "cooling process" (where the body is cooled to well below body temperature) which happens to stop swelling from the injury (reaction due to trauma).  While this was undergoing, experiments were performed on those who had had a M.I. and it proved to stop blood cells from dying. It is still being experimented on, because the success rate still has to be confirmed at least above 60%. As the years go on, there is hope that M.I.'s will slowly decrease as will the death rate that is caused by them.


  1. hi babe :] way to get the blog up! ill help you with it more tomorrow! MUCH LOVE <333

  2. Cool blog. I suggest posting more about psychology it interests me the most.

  3. This is interesting. I've ever only seen something like this on TV; it's cool that a procedure like this is actually being tested.

  4. Hi Aurelia! Pleased to meet you. I like this blog, good template. As far as Heart Attacks go, pretty scary stuff. Someone told me you feel 'cold' when you're having one. Is that true? I don't really understand all that occurs when one happens...