Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fascinating Knowledge: II

Psychology In Pieces 

I follow Sigmund Freud as a personal guideline to the human mind. Yes, he may have been a little on the crazy side, but his discoveries provided a breakthrough in Psychoanalysis/ Psychology. He was originally in the Neurology field (more info on that to come later), he soon moved to the Psychology field when he discovered that women of the time were suffering from "rages" that were brought on by a biological need for (you know what) and were deprived by it. After which he began studying children and came up with the theory that male children will develop an instinctual attachment to their Mothers and kill their Fathers and marry them (Sound familiar to any of you Greek Mythology readers?) and vice verse for girls. 
Children start out with what is called the "Id" at birth. It is the basic needs (eating, sleeping etc), once the child hits around the ages of one, the "Ego" is born, where the child becomes aware of its surroundings, after the Ego, comes the "Superego" which enables the child to begin seeing things in more than black and white and telling right from wrong. This may all seem a bit weird, but Freud developed a point in Psychology. Back in Victorian times, most men sought after a woman who didn't resemble physically their Mothers', but more the emotional and mental connection they craved.  Women usually looked for dominant, secure men, like their Fathers' who could take care of them. Although times have very much changed since Victorian times, the theory can be altered and can be flexible to new generations to come.
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(Request following F.K.I)
During a M.I. It is common for the sufferer to have a "chill" feeling. When the body goes into Oxygen Starvation mode, the brain cannot function, so all movement/actions/thoughts/ are slowed or stopped completely and this includes homeostasis (heat/body temperature conduction). It is also common that those who are about to have a M.I. have a "chill" feeling. It is the body's way of trying to tell you something is wrong (blood flow is slowing, heart palpitations etc.)


  1. i actually never knew that about the cold feeling xD i WILL actually learn some medical stuff from you babe :]

  2. Interesting stuff. thanks for the info

  3. How would you alter the theory for the current times? I guess people still looks for partners who resembles their parents. So how does the theory changes for new generations?