Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a Thought: Fat People

Hehe... Giggles.

I noticed this running through Damn! Lol!'s site, which I love.

Well I compared this to 80% America:

Hehe, Fat people.

So looking at this I wonder if all fat people are mythically jolly in a sense... Like Santa Claus. I think we assume they are jolly due to that fat bastard "climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo people up" <--- Actually I like the remix of this song.

Sorry off topic.

... Wait. I want hohos. Everyone knows what a hoho is right? Essentially fatty frosting rapped in fatty chocolate. If you deprive fat people of their hoho's they'd get on their zamboni (Idk some name brand of a scooter for old/fat people) and chase you as far as the battery lasted... Or broke down.

Do not deny the fat one their hohos! Or be faced with the wraith of the sweaty red faces!

Just A Thought


  1. In the past Ive seen quite fat women commenting that they are very happy with the way that their bodies are and that they find men attracted to them and that they see no reason to change the way that they look. Thats fair enough if thats the truth. But later you see the new slim ex fat lady being interviewed and she is saying how happy she is with the "new her" "the new size 10" and how much her life has changed for the better. So she was just kidding us on before was she lol. Better not fat than fat for health reasons alone.

  2. Haha :D, don't fat people have enough problems as it is?

  3. Fat people need to bare the brunt of their decision. If anything I am a supporter of the increasment of the social pressure of the would be or already fatties of the world to get running.

    Once, they would have been eaten by animals and today without any sense of danger [which is still present] they gobble tubs of lard and become ones them self...

    The sense of cause and effect needs to return to the humanity